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Claims Videos

The National DAV Service Department has created a variety of informational videos to help explain the claims and appeals process.  We have provided those below for your review and information.  If you any questions, please let us know.

Who should file a VA claim?

7 Ways to service connection

What to expect after filing a VA claim

VA C&P exams

How to appeal your VA decision

Survivor Benefits

This installment discusses survivor benefits, specifically, Dependents Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and Survivors Pension. Great information for veterans and their spouses to be prepared for the future.  For additional information, check out DAV's brochure about Death Benefits, click here!


Service connection for PTSD

This installment discusses This installment discusses the requirements for service connection for PTSD and the 5 different regulations based on stressors or stressful incidents in service.  For additional information, check out DAV's brochure about PTSD, click here!


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